Sunday, September 26, 2010

How sad! UN showing India, a downtrodden country

It is disgusting to see UN's milestones website at

They are still showing India as a downtrodden country.

Countries like Bangala Desh where there is poverty to the the depth of the earth and
Cambodia, with complete absence of law and order are given the impressions of flourishing nations.

What our representatives at the UN are doing for this negative publicity?

Excepts from UN Website

The website shows

1. Photo of a dust clad Indian boy carrying bricks on his head to earn a living.

2. Bangladeshi soldier teaching de-mining to a Cambodian in Cambodia.

3. A Cambodian girl holding UN flag.

Will any one please raise a voice for this disgusting negative publicity of India and forward it to person(s) who matter at the UN?


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